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Hộp giảm tốc treo ATA

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Mã sản phẩm: ATA Series
Nhãn hiệu sản phẩm: OAKMAN
Xuất xứ: China
Lượt xem: 8565
Mạng xã hội:

ATA series shaft mounted gearbox(speed reducer) with helical hardened gears has the characteristics of high carrying capacity, smooth transmission, light weight, low energy consumption and so on. Input shaft of ATA speed reducer is connected with gear motor by belt pulley, hollow output shaft is linked with a key. It can be replaced by electric drum as power for belt conveyors and lifting equipments. ATA series shaft mounted gearbox could be attached with back-stop to avoid the working machine back skating, and conveniently mounted by tie rod. ATA series shaft mounted speed reducer is widely applied in the mining equipments, concrete mixing batching plant, stone crushers, sand making production line and other belt conveyors, mechanical transmission areas.
Mechanical belt conveyors drive system is composed of ATA shaft mounted speed reducer, torque arm, pulleys and gear motors, whose power transmission from the gear motor to the gearbox through the pulley, and then speed reducer passed to the drive pulley through the hollow output shaft and the gearbox is fixed by torque arm, anti-slip device can be configured. The system is convenient to install, use and maintain.

The features of ATA shaft mounted gearbox:
Mounting Type: Tie rod Hanging shaft mounted
Output Shaft: Single key hollow shaft, each model can select three hollow diameter at most.
Gearbox Housing: Hard Iron Steel, can be used outside.
Anti-slip device: Can suit for any model, It's very convenient to be mounted.

The applications of ATA shaft mounted gearbox:
Agriculture, commerce, telecommunications industry, the food industry, tobacco industry, automobile industry, cement industry, mining industry, mixing station belt conveyor system.

The maintenance of ATA shaft mounted gearbox:
1. Before starting the reducer must be filled of N159 or N220 extreme pressure industrial gear oils, till the gearbox oil shows an intermediate position
2. After three months running, the gearbox need to change oil, attention it must be debris inside the machine rinse before adding new oil.
3. At the reducer hollow shaft ends and drive pulley end gland plate must fastened with locking screws.
4. The reducer pulley and the motor pulley must be parallel when they are installed and the belt tightness should be moderate.

The models of ATA shafted mounted gearbox:
ATA35 ATA40 ATA45 ATA50 ATA60 ATA70 ATA80 ATA100 ATA125

Rated Power Intput Speed Output Speed Ratio Installation Form
1.1~193KW 500~1400r/min 25~300r/min IN=5.0...31.5 Shaft mounted

Designation of ATA Series Speed Reducer

Mounting Positions


Permitted Torque(N.m)

Model ATA30 ATA35 ATA40 ATA45 ATA50 ATA60 ATA70 ATA80 ATA100 ATA125
Permitted Torque 180Nm 420Nm 9501Nm 1400Nm 2300Nm 3600Nm 5100Nm 7000Nm 11000Nm 17000Nm
  • Rated Power:1.1KW~193KW
  • Rated Torque:180~17000N.m
  • Gear Arrangement:Helical Hardened Gearbox
  • Input Speed:1400r/min, 900r/min, 500r/min
  • Output Speed:25~300r/min
  • Ratio:I=1/5,1/7,1/10,1/15,…,1/31.5
  • Installation Form:Tie rod hanging shaft mounted
  • Backstop:Alternative parts, Anti-slip device

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